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Dear Colleagues

Commission of Commodity Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences

announce co-conference entitled


which will be held during the 19 th IGWT Symposium in Cracow


    IGWT Symposium in Cracow is a good opportunity to discuss the latest achievements of commodity science obtained in different laboratories and countries. However it is a good platform to conduct a debate on the directions of its development and place in the future. Many scientific disciplines such as economics and management have been developing new paradigms of their theory and teachings, which reflect the latest trends in the global economy. These include, inter alia, globalization, internationalization, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, rapid changes in technology, innovative economy, changes in consumer behavior, digitization, etc. In my opinion, we should develop a new paradigm of commodity science and determine its relationships with other disciplines of knowledge. The first proposal for the definition of commodity science 2.0 has already been published.

This conference will be organized as a two-lap panel discussion between invited speakers representing all eleven countries participating in the Symposium.  Each debater will be kindly asked to address two problems:

1. to present the evolutionary changes which have been occuring lately (most recently) in commodity science in various countries and regions of the World, 

2. to discuss the impact of our discipline in the XXI century on the foreseeable new and emerging aspects of consumer's life (quality, demands and behaviors), as well as the technology of consumer's goods (innovation, production and safety) in the near future.